Weak Men, Weak Culture, Dangerous Future

I felt compelled to share this article because the topic has been on my mind for several years. Men are becoming weaker, and it the weakness is not limited to physical strength. Consider the concept of the metrosexual, a male more or less neutered in terms of physical stature. Will that person be strong enough to intervene in an assault on another person? Mentally, would that person even consider he has a duty to do so?

Men are becoming less ‘men.’ Some may cheer this outcome.

It is an outcome to be lamented rather than cheered.

Look what is happening in Europe and Asia: studies and research polls indicate a significant percent of men prefer pornography to actual human interaction. I guess such behavior doesn’t take as long and there is no risk of an unpleasant encounter. That is, there is no risk of failure.

French’s article is interesting; of course, some fastidious folks can find fault with his reasoning or the implications he draws from what he observes. But French is making some significant points, and to the extent he is correct, which I think he is,

Moms with School Age Children: Work or Go to Prison!

I confess my shortcomings; my limitations, the boundaries of my imagination. I confess it. Thus, with some discomfort, I confess I could not anticipate the intergalactic insanity and hatred coming from some so-called feminist writers. I simply cannot fathom the perverted moral architecture of these women.

Please read the entire article, presented in its entirety because it is somewhat brief; certainly briefer than the attacks that should be made against the writer and her reasoning.

Here is the article I read moments ago on National Review Online written by Katherine Timpf:

 Columnist: It Should Be Illegal to Be a Stay-at-Home-Mom with School-age Kids

Rich, Entitled and Fascist College Students

On the superb Powerline blog, www.powerlineblog.com I found a reference and link to this article,  Illiberal arts colleges: Pay more, get less (free speech)

Richard V. Reeves and Dimitrios HalikiasTuesday, March 14, 2017 

Illiberal arts colleges: Pay more, get less (free speech)

I was compelled to read the article as a consequence of the thuggish Middlebury students preventing Charles Murray from speaking and physically attacking him and the liberal (ironic!) professor, Allison Stanger, who facilitated Murray’s invitation to speak at Middlebury.

I know a little about Middlebury College. I visited it many times when I was applying to colleges in 1964-1965. Even then Middlebury was an elite small liberal arts college, with many excellent professors and excellent sports teams.