• Cookie Monsters, Instagram and Destroying the Human Soul

    A first grader was suspended from Stratton Meadows Elementary School in Colorado for pointing his fingers in the shape of a gun [BLAZE ARTICLE]. A second-grader was suspended from school for chewing his strawberry-filled pastry into the shape of a gun [WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE]. A tenth-grader in Maine was suspended for bringing a water gun

  • How Could That Happen Here?

    How Could That Happen Here? The Tales of Two Schools By Michael Sabbeth We have seen the photos and TV coverage all too often: sobbing grieving classmates and parents holding hands, hugging, standing or sitting near cascades of flowers, stuffed teddy bears and cards and posters offering messages of solace and hope—you will never be

  • Who Are Your Children’s Heroes

    Who Are Your Children’s Heroes? By Michael Sabbeth, Esq. “To make a nation truly great, a handful of heroes capable of great deeds at a supreme moment is not enough. Heroes are not always available, and one can often do without them! But it is essential to have thousands of reliable people—honest citizens—who steadfastly place

  • Weak Men, Weak Culture, Dangerous Future

    I felt compelled to share this article because the topic has been on my mind for several years. Men are becoming weaker, and it the weakness is not limited to physical strength. Consider the concept of the metrosexual, a male more or less neutered in terms of physical stature. Will that person be strong enough

  • Moms with School Age Children: Work or Go to Prison!

    I confess my shortcomings; my limitations, the boundaries of my imagination. I confess it. Thus, with some discomfort, I confess I could not anticipate the intergalactic insanity and hatred coming from some so-called feminist writers. I simply cannot fathom the perverted moral architecture of these women. Please read the entire article, presented in its entirety

  • Rich, Entitled and Fascist College Students

    On the superb Powerline blog, I found a reference and link to this article,  Illiberal arts colleges: Pay more, get less (free speech) Richard V. Reeves and Dimitrios HalikiasTuesday, March 14, 2017  Illiberal arts colleges: Pay more, get less (free speech) I was compelled to read the article as a consequence of the thuggish Middlebury students