by michael on April 19, 2011

 Just when I thought public schools could not become more insane and overreaching, I heard on the radio about this program of condoms for eleven-year-olds in Philadelphia’s schools. I was incredulous. I checked the story out on the Internet.

An article written on Monday by Dave Bohon  http://thenewamerican.com/culture/family states:

“The city of Philadelphia has an important message for its 11-year-old residents: sex can be loads of fun, but it’s better “when you’re not worried about getting pregnant or getting an STD.”

That’s right! Through its health department, the “City of Brotherly Love” is reaching out to kids ages 11 to 19 through a new website, takecontrolphilly.org, that appears to exist for one reason: to convince the city’s youth to wear condoms, and to offer to mail them to kids for free. The cartoon-themed website’s home page screams out in huge script: “Having sex? Protect yourself from Chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, syphilis,” and offers a link with the invitation: “Get Free Condoms!” (See illustration, left.)

“Among the website’s pages are a fact sheet about sexually-transmitted diseases, a pitch to kids on why they should use condoms, and even a page devoted to the difference between male and female condoms — and how to use both. To help kids navigate through the confusing array of information and advice is a friendly cartoon character named Zelda, a 20-something woman drawn to be vaguely African-American or Hispanic, who “knows how important it is to make smart choices and take control of your own life.” 


That last statement is uniquely infuriating and deceitful. Endorsing a perversely false policy of illusory safe sex will increase pressure on children to have sex. To use this deceitful trope as a foundation for determining smart choices related to sexual behavior is as manipulative as it is vile. The assertion that giving free condoms to little children enables them to make smart choices about sexual activity is beneath contempt and is morally obscene.

The Philadelphia policy does not increase a child’s autonomy; it subverts it. Where is the outrage by the parents? Indeed, where are the parents at all?

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