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Two weeks ago I met Craig Conrad. He is a fascinating man. I met Craig through my friend, Chris Dorsey, President and CEO of Orion Multimedia, LLC Craig and Orion have created an instructive program for cable TV which engages youngsters with the great outdoors.

Craig also has created a riveting empowerment program for school children titled UNSTOPPABLE YOU. Craig lectures nationally. I have begun reading his book of the same name. I asked Craig to write a statement about his program for my readers. Here is Craig’s statement.


Craig tells the story of his many years teaching woodworking in high school and the many lessons he’s learned.

I had the remarkable privilege to teach high school wood working classes for 26 years. In each class, on the first day, I asked my attentive students the same question: “

What is the most important project we will work on in this class?” The students always responded,: “It is our wood working projects.”

Of course, that seemed like the obvious answer. However, I always informed that the most important project wasn’t made of wood. “The most important project,” I said, “Is you! You are the project, and as your teacher, I am committed to helping you craft the best project possible.!” My students understood immediately.

I crafted my students by developing their character. My favorite “tool” for the job was what I called “The Friday Stories,” a weekly meeting with my students where I would share positive inspiring stories along with the lessons aimed at “constructing’ better young men and women., I did this program, week after week, for twenty-six years. Eventually, I progressed from telling stories to my students to a transformation, and extraordinary development where my students actually becoming the stories.

I offered inspiring quotations to my students, such as “Pass the masses climbing up the ladder to success.”

I have been honored by meeting remarkable people, or rather, ordinary people that become remarkable after dedicating themselves to self-improvement, often against considerable odds and obstacles. I recall vividly my involvement with Donnie McLeslie, a person categorized as retarded and condemned by many as not having the capacity to learn to read. I didn’t believe the assessment, the charge against the lovely young man.

Upon graduation, he could not read. Thereafter, motivated by a burning inner force and by family tragedy, Donnie enrolled in CNCC, a local community college in Craig, and learned how to read. Thereafter he returned to his old high school. At an assembly, in front of 800 people, slowly and with pride, Donnie read the poem, If You Think You Can, You Can, by Dr. Denis Waitley. The audience erupted into thunderous applause.

My students and their stories were the source of inspiration for my book, UNSTOPPABLE.

This blueprint for success, along with the constant hammering of positive values ultimately led to the creation of THE UNSTOPPABLE YOU PPOGRAM. I have had the deeply satisfying fulfillment of sharing this program with thousands of students throughout this nation. Anyone who says you can’t do anything about what I call the disease of “average it is” and such ills as underage drinking, drug use, or bullying or anyone who adopts the defeatist notion that kids are kids and there is nothing anyone can do to influence them positively and that negative behavior simply had to be tolerated has not experienced the capabilities of THE UNSTOPPABLE YOU PROGRAM.

The Program progresses in five phases. This unparalleled 5 Phase Program takes place over two days. It is so riveting and effective that junior and senior high school students are inspired to refuse to be average and choose to become UNSTOPPABLE.

That is only the beginning. The Master Mind Session is the next phase. Students become leaders, positive and negative leaders, sometimes, and collaborate and engage in ways that motivate them to sustain the electrifying UNSTOPPABLE message throughout the school year. Many unique strategies involve mentoring elementary school students.

Phase II is comprised of encore evening presentations to parents and members of the larger community. Resources and skills are provided to enable the UNSTOPPABLE message to be implemented in the home.

On the second day, a dynamic superhero Unstoppable Man is introduced to the elementary school children. His epic task is to transform students into Super Heroes, the incarnation of people that do not bully, do not do drugs and do not act in ways that would be dishonor to their character. Children will experience the effect of powerfully being pulled together by the positive force of striving to become UNSTOPPABLE.

There are lessons to be learned from the success of the UNSTOPPABLE YOU PROGRAM, and several are applicable in this current environment of budget reductions in schools. My program transformed a costly money-losing school program into a self-sustaining profit center. Moreover, students were motivated to learn about entrepreneurialism, finance, personal responsibility, marketing and the value of producing goods of high quality.

The woodworking class soon transcended itself. It became metaphoric, and every student, by engaging in the programs thirty-two strategies, grasped the larger messages.

If you are a parent or teacher committed to helping kids succeed, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Visit  or call (970) 824-8847 and ask how you can receive the tools to help make kids Unstoppable.

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Gump September 10, 2012 at 6:27 pm

At last, semonoe who comes to the heart of it all


michael November 21, 2014 at 5:07 pm

thank you for your affirming comment. Getting to the ‘heart of it’ is certainly my goal. MGS


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