by michael on December 23, 2010


It’s almost time to make new New Year’s resolutions. Making such resolutions has been a fairly unproductive experience for me, just as golf has been for me a pleasant walk amongst the trees and sand traps.

Yet, resolutions are important because they are aspirational and inspiring. So I make them anyhow—go to the gym, eat less cheese, write more articles and so forth. Now I have received a copy of Rich Oppenheim’s new book, Exit Chaos – Your Journey From Stuck to Unstuck. It’s a good book, which is to say, it offers wisdom and such wisdom will be beneficial to the extent it is implemented. I know that such a statement belabors the obvious, but some books don’t have wisdom within their pages or they numb the mind with clichés. Thus, you can try to implement their messages until the cows come home and the reader will not receive much of a benefit.

I share a few or Rich’s statements about his work:

When you are stuck, the first thing you notice is the wet and dirt that decorates everything. Being stuck locks you into a dark place that grips tight and keeps you within its trap. Whether you are in up to your knees, your waist or your neck, the darkness squeezes you making it hard to breathe. It is even more difficult to focus on what has to be done in some logical sequence. The goal, of course, is to escape the darkness and get on with your life.

This book is for people who are already in or getting close to a chaos filled mud hole. Whether it is you, a family member or a good friend, who are trapped, the mud hole is never a place for permanent residence. It is time to implement a process of extraction from that sticky mud and move towards where you want to go.

How you arrived at today’s chaos is not as important as how you want to exit to a different tomorrow. Those memories will always be tucked away in some internal file cabinet. Now is the time to focus on the tasks of getting out of the mud and exiting chaos.

To get unstuck requires action. Action requires planning. Planning requires understanding of what needs to be done. Your personal road map starts from where you are today because no one can time travel with a handy reset button. Your location, in the mud hole or looking into it, is your ground zero. From this starting point, the book provides insights for you to regain your balance, get out of the hole and move down the road towards a destination you select.

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