by michael on June 6, 2011

This article illustrates exquisitely the moral depravity and obscenity of the modern bureaucratic state.

This is the kind of article I hoped I never would read about an American. This is the kind of article I hoped I never would read about regarding our citizens. This is the kind of article the shows that civilization, in any meaningful sense, is decaying. The actions of the California government workers are beneath contempt. In a sane world, they would be tried as criminals and jailed.

From the New York Post, Sunday, June 5, 2011:


Last Updated: 12:02 AM, June 5, 2011
Posted: 12:02 AM, June 5, 2011

Decades of social rot in California found their fullest expression on Memorial Day, when firefighters and police officers stood by and allowed a 53-year-old man to slowly drown himself just off the Alameda shore.
No one dipped a toe in the water — the firefighters weren’t trained for ocean rescues, they said, while cops fretted that the man standing neck-deep in the sea might be armed.
“They were there two hours,” said the mother of now-deceased Raymond Zack, who watched her son die. “There were kids playing and police and firefighters standing around. Nobody did a thing.”
This wasn’t a Kitty Genovese moment — but in a way those thumb-twiddling “first responders” are an even darker harbinger of a shredding social contract.
The firemen responding to the scene weren’t waiting there assuming someone else would save Zack. They were the ones who had to do the job.
But they milled about and failed their most basic duty because they weren’t supposed to get their feet wet.
The fire department blamed budget cuts that ended sea-rescue training in 2009; department policy explicitly forbade them from saving Zack’s life. And so they followed the city’s corrupt order.
“I can also see it from our firefighters’ perspective,” said Alameda Fire Chief Mike D’Orazi. “They’re standing there wanting to do something, but they are handcuffed by policy.”
That simply shocks the conscience.
We’re thankful that in New York such an outcome is simply impossible: Cops and firefighters would be battling each other to be the first ones in the water — and not for the first time, either.
But what happened in Alameda on Memorial Day was in a way inevitable: “It’s like you are living in a different country that does not care about its citizens,” said Sharon Brunetti, who placed the 911 call.
When Zack’s body floated to within 50 yards of the shore, a woman — a passerby — swam out and dragged his massive frame from the water.
He had already drowned.
Too late.

I add:

This pernicious behavior is not unique.
From an article a while back on
A pregnant woman, her husband and their three-year-old son were killed in a house fire early yesterday as police who arrived before the fire brigade prevented neighbours from trying to save them. The woman screamed: “Please save my kids” from a bedroom window and neighbours tried to help but were beaten back by flames and were told by police not to attempt a rescue.

By the time firefighters got into the house in Doncaster, Michelle Colly, 25, her husband, Mark, 29, and son, Louis, 3, were dead. Their daughter, Sophie, 5, was taken to hospital and believed to be critically ill.

Davey Davis, 38, a friend of the family, said: “It was the most harrowing thing I have ever witnessed. Michelle was at the bedroom window yelling, ‘Please save my kids’ and we wanted to help but the police were pushing us back and not allowing us near. We were willing to risk our lives to save those kiddies but the police wouldn’t let us.

Then there is the action of a London area policeman who watched a ten-year-old boy drown in a pond. The indifferent constable did not try to save the child drowning in six feet of water because swimming was not in his meticulously-crafted job description. Neither was the requirement to be a moral human being, evidently.

These are the monsters our society is breeding. Humanity is being bred out of us, and at an alarmingly fast rate. And those that try to help become enemies of the State.

And so a man dies in what might be the waves of the future.

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Chantelle June 6, 2011 at 3:28 am

absolutely fricken dispicable O_o what on earth has our world come to? Firemen, cops & the like won’t rescue people. murderers either get away with their crimes or only serve something pathetic like 3 to 5 years for taking someone’s life.

Then vicars/priests etc abuse children O_o

seriously there is something majorly wrong with this world, it’s getting sicker by the minute & it’s extremelly sad.

It breaks my heart to see the terrible state of this world it really does! disgraceful & utterly horrid


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