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Yesterday I was chatting with colleagues about giving parents support in standing up to the onslaught of craven and destructive actions taken in so many parts of the culture. We were talking about how to help parents—anyone, for that matter—gain moral and intellectual strength and independent thought by better analyzing issues and placing that analysis in a moral context.

We lamented the subversion of intellect by schools when administrators harass and or suspend students for behaviors such as making a pop tart into a shape that in some manner can be construed as resembling a firearm.

This morning I read the article linked to an email from The Blaze, owned, I believe, by Glen Beck, informing of Nike’s new commercial lauding Tiger Woods for re-claiming the number one ranking in the world of golf. The text on the advertisement photo states: Winning Takes Care of Everything.

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The message is unambiguous. If you are the most successful person on the planet, at the moment, to be able to knock a little ball into a hole, in such a circumstance, then lying, cheating, dishonesty, infidelity, hurting your wife, hurting your children, using women as playthings and toys and saying to women words that are dumber than a pile of bricks are all “taken care of.”

Winning trumps all morality. Winning trumps the reality of ruining a family. All that vicious behavior is ‘taken care of.’

And somehow, this message, according to the highly paid advertisement creators, is likely to sell shoes. The advertisement is morally perverse but equally perverse, I assess, is the belief that such an advertisement will appeal to consumers. What does that message say about the consumer?

If it works, the cultural rot is more rotten.

Parents teach morality and honor by discussing these issues with their children and explaining why, in detail and with love, that this advertisement, among others, subverts decency, integrity and character. Parents need knowledge, grit and moral authority. Parents that can think and make moral judgments are best able to protect their children against these perverse messages.

Shame in Nike. Not that Nike cares at all.

Here is part of the article from Blaze TV


Nike sends wrong message with new Tiger Woods ad

Wednesday, Mar 27, 2013 at 11:53 AM PDT

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Nike raised some eyebrows yesterday when it released an ad on its Facebook page in the wake of Tiger Woods regaining his world No. 1 ranking on Monday. As is Nike’s custom, the ad was overtly simple, and the message was abundantly clear:

Photo Credit: Facebook

“I want to talk about a Nike ad from Tiger Woods,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “That’s the ad? Winning takes care of everything?”

“The implication being that it wipes out everything previously,” Pat said.

Woods experienced a spectacular fall from grace in late 2009 that involved a car accident, admissions of infidelity, a divorce, and the loss of his No. 1 ranking to name a few, but Nike continued to stand by the golfer, presumably because they drew a line between his personal indiscretions and the professional star power he still offered in the sports’ world. This new ad, however, seems to glorify Woods’ behavior by implying that winning fixes everything.

End of article

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