by michael on March 8, 2013

 My Twitter and Email colleague Deborah McNeslis writes illuminating and provocative material on her website Brain Insights. I have communicated with Deborah and have been impressed with the breadth of her knowledge and study of the development of the child’s brain as well as the intensity of her commitment to guiding parents to raise healthy happy babies and, thus, healthy and happy children.

 Here is her statement offering an overview of her perspectives. It provides links to her other work.



 Loving Our Children!  

 One of the primary reasons I started Brain Insights was to create a realization of the impact loving interaction has on the developing brain. My intent has been to help develop a greater awareness of the need for and positive effects of attachment.

 Anyone that has heard me present knows how I emphasize this essential aspect of optimal brain development. As I often point out, it not only affects social/emotional development, behavior, and relationships, it also impacts cognitive development. This wonderful video clip of the still face experiment clearly illustrates the need for a secure connection.  

 Through consistent and loving interactions, valuable connections are physically made in the baby’s brain. The feeling of security and predictability that the child learns through these interactions leads to an emotionally healthy child ready for relationships and learning.

 Recently it has become apparent that there continues to be both a lack of knowledge and understanding about the need for secure attachment, as well as confusion about what attachment is. Additionally, there are numerous children hurting and exhibiting “out of control behaviors” as a result of insecure attachment. So parents and educators are looking for help and information.  

 This issue is therefore entirely focused on attachment.

It is my hope that through these resources, you will either find ways to directly help children in your life or use the information to help promote the much needed understanding. It truly makes a dramatic and long lasting difference!

 Filled with hope, 


 Deborah’s work is worth following.

 More later




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