Killings at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church: Not About Guns but About Evil

by michael on June 27, 2015

Much has been written about the vile horrific slaughter of the innocent church goers at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Some commentary has been respectful and honorable; some commentary has been obscene in its deceitful propositions regarding causality; about abandoning arguments typically advanced by so-called ‘anti gun’ groups that are inconvenient to their cause, such as background checks.

But the issue is not guns; and the issue is not Mrs. Clinton’s manipulative and dishonest preening about needing to face hard truths about race and violence and, I suppose, about trans fats and overcooked ochre. She refuses to face hard truths so it is a little bit off-putting to be hectored on what hard truths I or anyone else need or needs to face.

Thus, it was refreshing to read Hugh Hewitt’s column early today.

I attended the Western Conservative Summit yesterday. Among the highlights was visiting with Hugh Hewitt. Hewitt is one of the brightest and most moral thinkers in our country at this time. His wit and intellect are fast as lightening. Good things do not happen to people who advance foolish or unsubstantiated arguments against him.

I just read on his website this statement arguing that politicians, that is, the enlightened politicians that actually want to make the country better, should focus on confronting evil and building character rather than undermining gun rights. Here are some paragraphs from the article.

“This is not about guns. This is about evil. Here at home, and evil abroad.”

Read the entire post:

In the course of our conversation Sunday, The Post’s Michael Gerson urged the GOP field to step up and into the conversation about violence and race in America, and I completely agree. They ought to be thinking about being very clear that the discussion of guns is not the right discussion, and that various proposals of gun control are not responsive to the two-sided crisis of violence we face –violence in our streets and homes and the looming threat of terrorism which is again peaking as the Islamic State and its allies launch a thousand appeals for wanton killing in the name of their fanatical beliefs.  Even as they speak about the events that stretch from the killing of Trayvon Martin through the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson and other events through to the carnage of last week, they have to keep reminding people that terrorists want nothing more than an American body count far in excess of what happened last week, and that they are positioning themselves to gain that objective.

One of those partial solutions is the revitalization of schools as places of character-building and of example-setting.

Philip Rucker of the Washington Post wrote yesterday that Mrs. Clinton has declared “We have to face hard truths about race, violence, guns and division.”  Of course she has done nothing of the sort, choosing instead to issue a string of cliches and a broadside at Donald Trump  —to which he responded on my show yesterday.

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