by michael on January 22, 2015

I confess that as jaded, as cynical, as hardened to the absurdity of what passes for thinking and intellect in much of ‘progressive’ policies, this piece by Katherine Timpf did cause my jaw to drop open. I gurgled, I think, also. It seems that the ability to be pathetic and self-abasing is as vast as the expanding universe for the people referenced in this article. Timpf reports that ‘research has shown’ that women have been intimidated into being docile and into expecting to be afterthoughts to men’s participation in school classes, (and whatever else, by implication). The solution: no surprise: legislation and school policies that demand that women be called first in school to give their comments or answers to the professor’s questions or pedagogy. Rather than being insulted by the inference of being weak, this feminist policy elevates a woman’s alleged fear or hesitation to a crises that demands social engineering remediation.

 Timps’s article is titled: ‘Feminists’ Think Female Students Are Too Scared to Speak in Class? It appears National Review on-line magazine today, January 22, 2015

 The lede states: “They want a policy demanding professors call on female students first.”

 Timps writes:

It used to be that women couldn’t speak until they were spoken to. But now, apparently, women often can’t speak even when they’re spoken to because they’ve been conditioned to believe they shouldn’t unless a man has spoken first.

Timpf then quotes a professor of gender studies:

 “I do think, in general, there are a lot of studies that indicate women, girls are socialized not to speak first. . . . And so to make a conscious rule, a deliberate rule that is explicit, that ‘no, men are not allowed to speak first,’ is certainly a strong way of addressing that issue,” said Jacqueline Warwick, a professor of musicology and former coordinator of the Gender and Women’s Studies Programs at Dalhousie University.

Timpf’s money quotes is this paragraph:

We have to say, okay, quiet down men! Let the little ladies have a turn before you start talking in your big scary man-voices! Will somebody please tell me how something this demeaning could be considered feminism?

Read the whole article, but it may be helpful to have an air sickness bag nearby. Instead of teaching stoicism, confidence, self-assertion and rugged individualism, these feminists—yes, feminists—are teaching victimhood, fear, retreat, submission and soulless dependence on Daddy, that is, government and the unrelenting, unremorseful regulatory State. Thanks a lot, feminists.

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