by michael on March 3, 2013

 Heroes Suspended, Moral Villainy Prevails

          I find it difficult to identify a place or insert point to write about this new event regarding  Cypress Lake High School students in Fort Myers, Florida. It is too easy to refer to the administrators, such as Alberto Rodriguez as stupid. Of course, they are stupid. But that’s not all. It is too easy to refer to the administrators as vicious. They are vicious, but that’s not the worst of their character failures. It is also too easy to refer to these administrators as moral cowards. They are moral cowards but moral cowards of a unique kind. They are moral cowards, vicious moral cowards, who are, I fear, the product of our age; the product of the unswerving impulse to reject all effort to reason, to make ethical judgments and a perverse commitment to see all acts as equivalent. Thus they are total failures as human beings, for they make no  moral distinctions at all.

 Where to begin?

No factual or moral distinction is made in “being involved in an incident with a weapon.” The aggressor is treated no differently from the victim. No moral judgment differentiates the person who would kill from the person who would be killed.

These people.. these administrators, are the worst of humanity; the nihilistic hollow men that stand for nothing. Refusing to make moral judgments, they are morally worthless; they deserve the abjuring and contempt of every decent human being, They are beneath contempt.

One other issue that merits analysis when thinking about the morally corrupt actions of  Alberto Rodriquez and the others who participated in this vile action is the issue of incentives created by the suspension of the heroic and risk-taking students. If moral action and heroism leads to suspensions, no moral and heroic action will be taken.

I wrote about a similar situation that occurred many years ago in a school district in northern Colorado. An  honor student, sixth or seventh grade, was suspended when the student voluntarily disclosed that she had a knife in her lunchbox because she erroneously taken her mother’s lunchbox to school. Possessing a knife violated the school ‘zero tolerance’ policy regarding knives and weapons.

When killings and other crimes and tragedies occur at schools, all involved reflexively ask, “How could it happen here?” “Why here?” Then they tearfully place teddy bears and flowers and cards at gravesites and around the schools and talk about how wonderful and loving the injured or killed students were.

Here’s the answer to the question “How could it happen here?”

It could happen here because of morally defective people such as Alberto Rodriquez. He and his ilk are to blame. The blood will be on his craven hands.

Questions cascade into my mind.

How is it that such morally corrupt people are able to infest our public school systems?

What kind of culture breeds such pernicious people who refuse to make moral judgments?

Charter schools and ‘school choice’ may offer some solutions but it’s not enough. The culture of moral equivalence and it’s concomitant moral cowardice must be attacked and excised like the cancerous tumor that it is.

Quicker please

Here is the news report in its entirety:


High School Student Disarms Gunman…Gets Suspended?

Mar. 2, 2013 10:12am Madeleine Morgenstern



Image source: WFTX-TV

A Florida high school student wrestled a loaded gun away from another teen on the bus ride home this week and was slapped with a suspension in return.

The 16-year-old Cypress Lake High student in Fort Myers, Fla. told WFTX-TV there was “no doubt” he saved a life after grappling for the loaded .22 caliber revolver being aimed point-blank at another student on Tuesday.

“I think he was really going to shoot him right then and there,” said the suspended student, not identified by WFTX because of safety concerns. “Not taking no pity.”

The student said the suspect, a football player, threatened to shoot a teammate because he had been arguing with his friend.

Authorities confirmed to WFTX the weapon was indeed loaded, and the arrest report stated the suspect, identified by WVZN-TV as Quadryle Davis, was “pointing the gun directly” at the other student and “threatening to shoot him.”

That’s when, the teen told the station, he and two others tackled the suspect and wrestled the gun away. The next day, all three were suspended.

“How they going to suspend me for doing the right thing?” he asked.

The school’s referral slip said he was given an “emergency suspension” for being involved in an “incident” with a weapon. Lee County School District spokesman Alberto Rodriguez said in a statement that “If there is a potentially dangerous situation, Florida law allows the principal to suspend a student immediately pending a hearing.”

“Those kids had to fight for their lives,” the mother of the suspended teen said. “All the kids that was involved in this they should have a pat on their backs because they did the right thing to save someone from burying their child.”

The suspended teen is allowed to go back to school Monday.

Meanwhile, the student accused of pointing the weapon has been charged only with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon “without intent” to kill.

The sheriff’s office said the investigation is ongoing and that the charges are “based on our findings at this time.”

End of article



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