Debt as a Moral Issue

by michael on April 14, 2011

The United States government is generating debt at a rate unprecedented in history. It is difficult for me to grasp the enormity of the numbers. Can most readers fathom a trillion dollars? A trillion in a million million. That’s a lot.

This money can never be repaid. The Unite States does not generate enough economic activity to siphon off that much money to pay the debt and still have citizens able to buy gasoline or soccer shoes or bread. One consequence of the debt is that our children will be stuck with paying exhorbitantly to make even a tiny dent in the debt and interest payments.

You’d think that todays young people… younger people….would understand the economics that will destroy their economic and political liberty. They seem unconcerned. But who represents the young and the unborn generations? No one. The politicians know they will survive; their finances will survive; their pensions will survive.

Moreover, the interest payments on our debt are financing the Chinese military. The Chinese may make great won ton soup but the country is not a friend of the United States in terms of military and political ideology. Our debt is making China a world power.

Thus, the debt is a moral issue; perhaps more a moral issue than a political issue, although it is a profound political issue which, I predict, will divide and sunder this country in ways not seen since the Civil War.

Our chldren and their children and their children are the ones who mostly will suffer from this government’s obscene spending. Michael Ramirez illustrates very well how the current administration is leading America’s youth to disaster:  (hat tip


Infinitely depressing.

More later

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