Bruce Jenner, Social Decay and the Decay’s Effects on Families

by michael on June 9, 2015

Moments ago I read on National Review Online the article written by David French titled With Its Celebration of Caitlyn Jenner, the Left Doubles Down on Social Decay

Full article:

The issue of social decay intrigues me, in large part because social decay is so pervasive, which I think is regrettable and destructive, and that so many people in our culture, such as it is right now, don’t seem to care one whit that society is being trashed, decaying and becoming coarser, less refined, and, frankly, less decent.

Think about all the signs on shops, shops, malls, restaurants that state: “No shoes, No service”. Twenty years ago, who would think about walking around, let alone into shops, without shoes? Now such crude behavior is so common, businesses need to defend and protect themselves from such unsanitary let alone unattractive behavior.  And then there is the clothing. You see examples on the Internet.. people shopping at large chain stores as if they just got out of bed and either were awakened from slumber or were doing other things in that bed, and they just leap into a Wal Mart or whatever, parading around, unconcerned about appearance or any sense of decency.

Well, I got into French’s article, which started about being about Bruce Jenner, now known as Caitlyn, all of which I find both none of my business and almost clinically depressing at the attention given to this self-indulgent action and then feeling depressed even worse by the laudatory attention given to this private act which should be irrelevant to the rest of the world.

I saw a photo on Facebook that says about all I think needs to be said, thought and or expressed on this dopey Jenner issue. The photo showed three soldiers, one wounded being carried by the other two, with the words below the men something to the effect: “we certainly admire your courage,” or something to that effect. You get the point. This culture is becoming less capable of recognizing courage or valor. It is no longer a serious culture. It is a culture being taken over by hedonists and moral idiots.

French quotes an article in the Wall Street Journal  by Paul McHugh, former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, which shows the devastating consequences of transgender surgery.

But as horrible, sad, and disturbing as the data is, and by implication, how venomous are those that push this transgender and gender questioning behavior on children, that was not the section that caused me to share the article with you.

French goes on to reference Robert Putnam’s book, Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis. It strikes me that Putnam has written an important book. French writes of Putnam: “While I don’t think Putnam set out to write in defense of the traditional family structure, I can’t think of another book that more clearly lays out the devastating consequences of the breakdown of the family.” French then quotes Putnam:

Children who grow up without their biological father perform worse on standardized tests, earn lower grades, and stay in school for fewer years regardless of race and class. They are also more likely to demonstrate behavioral problems such as shyness, aggression, and psychological problems such as increased anxiety and depression.

All of this is well known by now. There is no serious argument that single parenting is the ideal family arrangement. But the problems go beyond single parenting and into the more sexually libertine lifestyle. Here’s Putnam again: “Multi-partner fertility is associated with less paternal involvement, less extended kin involvement, and more friction, jealousy, and competition, especially when there are children from different partnerships living in the same household.”

There is no rational reason to be ashamed of natural law, much less Biblical law. In fact, reality is vindicating both.

The question raised by French that rings as loud as a cannon explosion is why do so many in this culture accept the decay so supinely? French talks about Christians and Conservatives being relatively silent on the issue. As far as I’m concerned, whether Christian, Conservative or any other flavor of beliefs, these cultural  currents should be condemned by all.

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