by michael on July 5, 2016

Today is July 4, 2016. Today is the day honorable Americans (United States) give thanks to the founding of this most unique and extraordinary nation. Today. And how loathsomely violating of the Spirit of 1776 are the actions of the vicious predatory school superintendent Scott Oswald, drenched in power and bankrupt of humanity or affection for children, to call the police because a 9-year-old child used the word ‘brownies’ in describing—well, how to put this somewhat delicately—in describing brownies.

And some police officer, exercising, no doubt, his extraordinary cross-examination skills against a helpless terrified child, questioned the little child by asking such searching questions as, “Tell me what you said.” Knowing the incident was about a brownie!

What is there to say? Well, there is plenty to say.

How pathetic must a human have to be to seek job fulfillment by questioning a frightened child, a handgun appended to his hip, about a pastry? Just following orders! That’s what the revolution was all about. Some orders shouldn’t be followed.

Here is the link to the article by Katherine Timpf in the June 29 edition of National Review Online.

This is the first sentence:

Mother: My Third-Grade Son Talked about Brownies, and Someone Called the Race Police

Here is one of the key paragraphs:

“He was intimidated, obviously,” the mother, Stacy dos Santos, said, according to “There was a police officer with a gun in the holster talking to my son, saying, ‘Tell me what you said,’” she continued. “He didn’t have anybody on his side.” According to, the police department also contacted the boy’s father, and the incident was referred to the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency — because after all, hearing a nine-year-old talking about snacks definitely makes you wonder how he could possibly be safe living in a home with people who raised him to behave that way.

Refer to the Division of Child Protection and Permanency!!!!!!!!  Are you kidding me? Is this a form of bureaucrat acid re-flux? An opportunity to joyously trample people who cannot or will not fight back?

What in the word does ‘permanency’ mean? More bureaucrats with more money than brains and decency trying desperately to fill their days with actions that give the illusion of doing something useful to justify their salaries, will do something in the nature of permanency with a little child who spoke about a brownie? This is absurdity elevated to obscenity

Please read the entire article. It is brief.

Apparently the warped masters at the William P. Tatem Elementary School made a habit of turning their little children over to the police.

And apparently the police are willing to aid and abet this noxious treatment of children.

I write about this event for two reasons:

One, to illustrate how abusive and mendacious our tax-supported public servants can be and pay no price. These are educators! How do such perfidious people burrow into the bureaucracies? These are not people who care about children. These are not people who want to nurture noble character in children. These are aggressors who despise children; who want to crush children and, worse, want to control children.


Two, to ask the question: why do these parents put up with such vile behavior? Where are the recall elections? Where are the marches to the homes of these perfidious civil servants? Where are the yelling and screaming parents at school board functions?

I wonder if our survival instincts have been bred out of us; and even worse, that the situation that every government desires has finally materialized: the people have become so passive that government doesn’t even have to give a justification to them for its actions. Have we reached that final stage in political evolution where malevolent government is just something we have to get used to?

When vileness is accepted as normal, hope for decency and virtue dissipates like smoke at a campfire.

Happy Fourth of July.

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