by michael on May 22, 2011

I am honored that my book has been selected for the Sean Hannity Book Club and for the Fox News Book Club. Here are the links:

Yet, is seems no achievement can avoid critics.

A colleague at lunch asked me if being selected by so-called conservative book clubs might dissuade people who do not view themselves as conservative from buying my book. My initial reaction was the question was moronic. Then I pondered the question further and conceived a more nuanced response, or responses, which I share.

First, the testimonial on the book’s cover is from Juan Williams. Juan is not associated with being a conservative, whatever that term means these days. Thus the most energetic and prestigious endorsement of my book, thus, was made by a person who is considered a liberal, not a conservative.

Here is Juan’s testimonial:

“With movies, music the Internet and TV constantly blasting at our children—here comes the good news. Michael Sabbeth’s book, The Good, The Bad and The Difference: How To Talk With Children About Values is a great guide to essential conversations parents need to have with their children about being critical, independent thinkers and good people.”

I am honored by Juan’s testimonial.

Apart from Juan’s testimonial, an implication of my colleague’s question is particularly disturbing. His question suggests that someone who does not consider him or herself a conservative would not be motivated to learn about raising moral children or would not be motivated to learn skills for talking with their children for the purpose of making them morally stronger and elevating their character. I find these implications insulting and degrading to anyone, conservative or otherwise.

Most parents—almost all, I hope—want to become moral mentors for their children. These parents, and I use the term ‘parents’ generically to include grandparents, aunts and uncles and so on, want to be viewed as having earned a stature of honor and integrity in the minds of the children. I reject absolutely that this desire, this passion, this striving to raise strong moral children is divided by political and ideological beliefs which are thereby monopolized by one group and rejected by another.

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