by michael on January 25, 2012

I was interviewed by Lori Hendry on her radio show, A Voice for Freedom Radio. The program’s website is: www.avoiceforfreedomradio.com

 My interview aired Saturday morning, EST, January 14. I’d say it was a rollicking good time with a lot of  information shared and situations that challenge parents discussed with seriousness and also humor.  Here is the link to my interview. The actual interview begins at about the 1 minute 20 second point. http://avoiceforfreedomradio.com/?p=450  Enjoy!

 Here is the link to the outline I used to prepare for the program.  Interview Outline  I hope readers will find it useful and that it will guide them in their own discussions.

 Lori Hendry is a fascinating person: a mother, an entrepreneur, devotes time to numerous civic and charitable organizations and now has a radio show that is becoming more successful daily, interview by interview.

 Follow Lori in Twitter: @Lrihendry

 I was introduced to Lori Hendry by my dear friend, Janie Johnson, author of Don’t Take My Lemonade Stand– An American Philosophy. Visit her website: www.jjauthor.com

 More later


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