by michael on November 8, 2010

I am delighted to say that The Good, The Bad and The Difference: How to Talk with Children About Values will soon be available at the several prestigious Denver-area Tattered Cover Book Stores. The main store is located in Denver’s historic downtown area referred to as Lo Do. 

Tattered Cover Book Store

1628 16th Street at Wynkoop

Denver, Colorado  80202.

All book stores can be accessed through the website: 

Books will be available both to customers at the stores and also on-line. This is a great honor for me. The owner of the Tattered Cover, Joyce Meskis, was a guest speaker at one of my classes at the Cherry Hills Village Elementary School almost a decade ago. We had a complete fifth grade assembly program, one hundred students or so, observe and then participate in a debate on the topic of whether the government should be permitted to subpoena the book purchase records of a customer of the Tattered Cover suspected of bombing a building.  

The fascinating discussion illustrated the complex thinking capabilities of young children. I appreciated Joyce Meskis participating in my class. Now, perhaps ten years later, I will be selling my book in her store. Life’s unpredictability can be amazing. One lesson, perhaps, is do good things and other good things will likely follow.

 If you are in the Denver area, please visit the Tattered Cover and take a look at my book.

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